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South Australia
Regional Shopping Centre
We were given the task of design and supply of feature lighting to complement the coffer ceiling areas. In conjunction with the Architects who determined the shape, we worked out the appropriate size and installation method. Based on our knowledge and experience in sourcing alternative products, we were able to have made these 2m rings at approximately 50% of the next lowest quote.
Footscray Victoria
We were tasked with providing new LED lighting both for the interior as well as the facade facing the main road of this renovated hotel. These lights shown were replacements for MV floods which provided less than half the light levels we achieved.Our goal was to ensure a minimum of energy consumption, low glare and greatly increased light spread.
Durable fittings
South Australia
Adelaide Night Club
The owners were keen to provide safe, robust and adequate lighting to these areas when in use. By using IP65 exterior up/down lighting turned sideways, we were able to light the mirrors without any glare issues while complementing the new decor.
Flinders Lane Melbourne
We were tasked with lighting a new Servery area with a window opening onto Flinders Lane. Utilising LED strip and track mounted directional heads we were able to help create a space that both complemented the main restaurant and gave it its own “feel”.
ceiling fittings
Ringwood Melbourne Victoria
It can be difficult to give good lighting in a hairdressing salon while not introducing any glare and colour issues at the same time. We used new types of LED Downlights with recessed chips that gave the downlight trim a softer outline, reducing any perceived harshness when looking up. Coupled with restrained use of LED strip, we were able to meet the owners requirements in all the different areas of the salon.

Professional Engineering

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